Local Advocacy


Current advocacy efforts

1).The Greater Mankato Area's Bicycle Friendly Community Designation is due for renewal this year.  GMBWA is partnering with Visit Mankato and the cities of Mankato and North Mankato to submit an updated application, hoping to move up from Bronze to Silver.  

Why is being designated a Bicycle Friendly Community Important? According to the League of American Bicyclists the benefits of a Bicycle Friendly Community designation include the following:

"Encouraging bicycling is a simple way towards improving the quality of life and public health. With more people bicycling, communities experience reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality and greater physical fitness. This often translates into increased property values, business growth and increased tourism along with talent attraction and retention.

2). GMBWA created the presentation linked below for the Hilltop Neighborhood residents to visualize a variety of different traffic calming treatments not commonly used in Mankato but have proven to be effective in making it safer for drivers, and for those that walk and bicycle. This presentation was developed as an educational and visual tool to introduce residents to the possibilities.  If we can't visualize it, we can't suggest or support it.  This is NOT what is being proposed by the city but rather our vision for how neighborhood streets could be designed to improve safety for all. Please use this link to view the presentation.

3).  Additional advocacy efforts:

Statewide Advocacy

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN): 

More details on state level work can be found on the At the Capitol page at BikeMN.org

National Advocacy

The national advocacy groups listed below provide education and advocates for safe biking, walking and rolling: 

Other Organizations

MN Safe Routes to School – dot.state.mn.us/saferoutes